Products and Services

Our Services include:
( 1 ) Building Construction
With our multi-disciplinary management approach, we build residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational structures in compliance with specifications in various challenging terrains in Nigeria and other West African countries.
2. Telecommunications Infrastructural (Design & Construction)
We have designed and constructed so many telecommunications infrastructure like base transceiver stations (BTS), the installation of electrical power infrastructure that powers the stations and construction of access roads, for leading telecom companies in Africa. We also pride ourselves as one of the preferred engineering firms in providing these services hence our presence in the following West African countries of Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia.

( 3) Architectural & Engineering Designs
We render architectural and engineering design services right from ideas conceptualization, to feasibility study, through concept development to the production of construction drawings using state-of-the-art technologies for the benefit of our discerning clients.
Our consulting services involve three (3) main activities:
• Feasibility and Surveying
• Detailed Architectural and Engineering Designs
• Development of plan for Execution
(4) Project Management of Buildings & Infrastructure
Construction project management can be a herculean task if wrong skills, tools and techniques are deployed thereby resulting in cost and schedule overrun, poor quality, scope creep, poor risk management et al.
Using the Project Management Institute of U.S.A. (PMI) model, we ensure effective and efficient management of construction projects to comply with scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, procurement, risk, communications, health, safety & environment (HSE), financial regulations and claims throughout the project life cycle.

(5) Infrastructure Construction
Having identified the need for affordable quality infrastructure in developing countries, we are positioned to provide value-added solutions which meet Engineering details and specifications. Once we have entered into service legal agreement (SLA), we seek to complete projects expeditiously knowing that most infrastructure projects have social implications that are timed and critical.
Specifying the detailed nature, quality, and scope of the service to be provided is imperative before project commencement to avoid creep. This we have found helps to deliver great customer experience and maximum satisfaction, not only for the customer but also to us because we can then save up on time for other activities.
As a rule, we give a full year support for every infrastructure project to ensure maximum efficiency in output. But we also reserve a right to decline any public job that seeks to detract from our ethical policies.