Our Vision.

To become a universal brand,
pioneering world class innovation in
engineering and construction sector


Arch. Mustapha Adeleye, Chairman

About Arch Mustapha Adeleye





About Wadmus Engineering & Construction Limited

Wadmus Engineering and Construction Company Limited is an integrated architectural, engineering and construction firm which provides services of international standards in West Africa with a rich portfolio of satisfied clients across different sectors within the subregion.

It was incorporated in 2003 as a one-stop shop for architectural, engineering, and construction services. The Company is structured and operates through its business units of:

  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Building Construction
  • Architectural and Engineering Designs
  • Project Management of Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Design and Construction 

Our expertise and vertically integrated approach has also earned us a reputation as an  services provider of choice in some of West Africa’s challenging topographies. Notwithstanding, we relish the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to solving infrastructural and construction deficiencies to the satisfaction of our discerning clients.

We have specialized in identifying, developing and executing unique solutions to meet the infrastructure needs of organizations and individuals to universal acclaim.

We offer specialized drawings and designs that surpass our customer’s expectations with regards to implementation.

Delivery of end to end total engineering services is our guarantee and we have hundreds of satisfied customers who can attest to our project management skills which has been put to use in various jobs across the West African sub-region.

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Our Mission.

We are resolved to meet the needs
of our discerning clients by turning their dreams
into affordable engineering and construction reality

Wadmus MD in hard hat Managing Director, Wadmus About Engr. Wahab Musa, Managing Director [/caption]




What Can We Do For You?

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In situ health and safety talks are organised from time to time

Health Safety Environment (HSE) Policy

Health Safety and Environment (HSE) is fundamental in Wadmus business implementation model. Effective management of HSE not only protects staff but it also ensures peace of mind for our clients, saves time and contributes to our overall success strategy.

Our HSE management policy includes:

  • Monitoring and controlling procedures including regular site inspections and audits
  • Regular safety meetings to bring targeted educational campaigns to support implementation of HSE and ensure compliance to set guidelines
  • We aspire to have an accident free work environment at all times and to train our workforce to pursue the same objectives at all levels
  • We have preventive maintenance through self error-detection mechanisms by our highly trained work force.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a few of the frequently asked questions for your information. Should you require more information, please contact our Customer Service